Wellington Paranormal locations

As massive fans of fantastic What We Do In The Shadows spin off Wellington Paranormal, we were very excited to visit Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city, on our recent trip. We are a little saddened to discover no one’s written a guide based on the many locations used by the show. Here therefore is our attempt, along with a map above and photos from our visit.

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Places we visited

Hataitai Bakery (Series 2, Episode 1) – Sergeant Makka tells the Maori legend of Taniwha, and how his resting place was the attractive Wellington suburb of Hataitai. The team then talk about the amazing bakery. While we found no Hataitai Bakery per se, we did find the Hataitai Hot Bun Shop, and that was enough for us.

Mount Victoria Tunnel (Series 2, Episode 3) – This tunnel is notorious for motorists beeping their horns. The team try to encourage people to stop but doing so unleashes a Ghost Cop from the early 20th century, so guffaws at the idea of lady cops and later drinking hours. While we didn’t sound our horns, it was fun to listen to other motorists honouring the tradition.

Cuba Street ( What We Do In The Shadows) – The town’s main Boho drinking district serves as the backdrop for vampiric going’s on in both the film and tv series. We’ve listed the more specific locations separately, but this road is well worth a walk down to get in the mood. We’d recommend the quesadillas at Flying Burrito Brothers while you’re at it. No link to the show, just great food and a banging reggaeton playlist.

Cuba Mall (Series 1, Episode 1) – The moving plastic sculpture entitled Bucket Fountain serves as a portal to the underworld in the strong opening episode of Wellington Paranormal. When working, it’s a sight to behold. Unfortunately it was only turned on one of the four nights we visited. Potentially to stop the hordes of Beelzebub.

Hotel Bristol (Series 2, Episode 3) – One of the drinking establishments Ghost Cop wanted to shut down given it was open later than the early 1900s closing time of 6.30pm. It looked a bit rough when we passed it, being the only place we saw to hire bouncers. Might be your cup of tea, however it’s one of many drinking holes in the town – a map of the self-proclaimed Craft Beer Capital drinking routes can be downloaded here.

Khandallah (Series 1, Episode 3) – The team are called to a disturbance in hillside suburban enclave Khandallah. It turns out disco ghosts have been partying in a home since the Seventies. The town itself is wonderful – a sprawl of irregular roads radiating from a charming downtown shopping village. No disco ghosts in sight.

Wellington Harbour (Series 2, Episode 1) – Taniwha and his sea dwelling paramour come together in Wellington harbour at the end of the second series opener. Wellington Harbour is lovely, even without copulating sea creatures.

Places we didn’t visit

Tawa Mall (Series 2, Xmas Episode) – The team are called to a disturbance caused by a mall Santa at this out of town outlet. Turns out the dyslexic mall supervisor has hired Satan by mistake. Fair enough. Sadly we didn’t get to visit as it was a bit out of town. Our friend and Wellington resident Kasey says it’s nice though.

Wellington hospital (Series 1, Episode 5) – Minogue and O’Leary are called to the hospital, where donated blood has been going missing. They find a suspicious looking chap but … all’s good, nothing to see her. They’ve definitely not had glamour shots. We didn’t visit as it’d be a bit weird to visit a hospital, no matter how famous it is.

Karori cemetery (Series 1, Episode 5) – The team chase the suspicious vampire through this cemetery north of the city and encounter some goth girls. While we didn’t visit this specific cemetery, we did visit the Bolton Street Memorial Park in town. Separated by a bridge over State Highway 1, it’s a beautiful place which is well worth taking a look at.

Kurimarama Street (Series 1, Episode 4) – The team encounter a she-wolf in the fourth episode of the first series. Sadly despite much searching we never found Kurimarama Street. There is however a Kohimarama beach in Auckland, for what it’s worth, with a lovely cafe on it.

Wellington Police Station – This should have been on our list. Sadly upon researching it, the location used in the show is not the ultra modern edifice used by the real life paranormal unit.