Casketeers Maori dictionary

During our recent trip to New Zealand we fell in love with all things Maori. We visited Te Papa Tongarewa museum in Wellington, where we learnt about the rich culture and a heritage of a misunderstood people. One place I was not expecting to find a rich vein of Maori culture and information was daytime television. That said ‘The Casketeers‘ is no ordinary daytime television show.

Charting the daily business of Funeral Director Francis Tipene and staff, this is a detailed and often very humorous introduction to the lives of a people, mostly starkly drawn when talking about how they commemorate a loved one’s death. The show is peppered with Maori dialogue, which on Kiwi TV channel TVNZ, was helpfully translated onscreen. Netflix has the rights to international broadcast and for some reason have decided to relegate such information to their optional captions, and even there it is done inconsistently.

It’s with international viewers in mind that I’m compiling the list below – hopefully a helpful guide to understanding a very enjoyable show. Let me know in the Comments if there’s any from the show I’ve forgotten!

Aroha Love
E hoa mate
Haere mai Welcome
Haka generic term for Maori dance
Iwi tribe
Kia ora Hello
Marae meeting house
Matua Auntie
Nga Pepe baby
Ruarua Argument
Tangi funeral
Te reo Maori Maori language
Tupapaku Deceased
Whanau family