Ideas which were not included in the groom’s speech

Mike thinks he had a lot of good ideas for the grooms speech, as he started writing it shortly after proposing. Here are some things which did not make the cut. Do you agree? 

  • “Wedding is derived from ‘Wodding’ which is actually an old Germanic wording for ‘ceremony involving but not limited to handing a gremlin to your betrothed’s sister'”
  • ‘If you’ve learnt something and we’ve put a smile on your face then we’ve done what we came to do’ Rick Vernon, TACC9 TV, Kinston NC
  • Giving a shout out to Trello and Prezi, or simply doing the whole speech using Powerpoint
  • A groom’s speech video
  • ‘Looking in Alex’s eyes during Lonestar’s Amazed on Singstar and knowing this was the one’
  • ‘She constantly surprises me with her reactions – they’re normal! Or at least she’s not weirded by me’
  • Quoting Charlie Madge, saying “sorry for not seeing our friends half as much as we’d have liked, but my time with Alex is precious”
  • A ‘Live at the Apollo’ opener name checking and joking about people in the room
  • Linking back to the important songs of our relationship
  • ‘The average naked person’
  • ‘Isn’t nature so natural’
  • Remember Dave the parrot, the stag do participant who didn’t make it
  • More information on the stag do