John Lewis extravaganza

Phew, its done – we have a gift list! Alex and Mikey spent 5 hours walking round John Lewis on Oxford Street today, deciding what items we are lucky enough to ask you, our amazing friends and family, to give to us as presents. Now, the first thing to say is (as per Lord Kitchener’s famous phrase) We Want You. The most important thing to us is that you attend. However, in the time honoured tradition, if you did wish to buy us a gift then John Lewis kindly now holds a list of items we went “ooh” and “aah” over. And yes, it does include Lego.

You will see that on your wedding invitations we mention an Amazon gift list. However, unfortunately due to technical difficulties we’ve had to retire that one. This does, therefore, make it simpler to sort the gift giving process – yey. If you log onto the list you may also see that our main choice is a Wedgwood china set, not exactly the cheapest. We absolutely fell in love with it, and so if you could even buy us a plate we’d be over the moon with that. In addition, if anyone is kind enough to buy us gift vouchers then we are currently planning to use these to buy more of the china set – just so you know where it is going!

As we said, and as the cliche goes, presence is far more important to us than presents. However if you do buy us something then thank you so very very much!

Just to recap: We are registered for wedding gifts with John Lewis – ID 607777 and phone 0345 604 7384 for offline or click here for online.