How to make an engagement ring frame

The brief for the engagement dummy ring was complex – to be fitting for the proposal night but also instantly disposable once the ‘real’ ring was purchased. Here’s what Mikey did once Alex stopped wearing her Mickey Mouse ring …

You will need 

  • A recently discarded dummy engagement ring
  • Ryman 57 piece Art Set
  • Wood glue
  • Green card
  • Green and red ribbon
  • Stanley knife
  • Sellotape ‘Sticky Fixers’
  • 6×8 glass photo frame
  • Glass of wine
  • String of 20 submersible battery operated LED lights
  • Engagement cards
  • Computer with Picasa installed and a printer


  1. Pour yourself a glass of wine. You will need it for the trials ahead
  2. Open the Ryman 57 piece art set and discard of all the contents, ripping out the plastic lining with glee. You will note you now have quite a nice little wooden box to do what you will with, for only £6
  3. Cut a square hole in the side of box using the stanley knife . You could measure, but where’s the fun in that? We will call this half of the box part A and the other part B.
  4. Take a sip of wine – you deserve it for getting this far
  5. Open the glass photo frame and discard anything that isn’t the rectangular piece of glass. Place the piece of glass over your newly cut hole in part A and wonder why you didn’t do this step before number 3. Secure in place with lots of wood glue.
  6. Cut a piece of green card to size and glue to line the inside of part B
  7. Wine? Why not!
  8. Attach a load of Sticky Fixers to the outside of part A, around the outside of the recently affixed piece of glass. Attach ribbon to the sticky fixers. You know this will be to cover the mess you made with the stanley knife, but she likes ribbons so she’ll find it thoughtful. Win win.
  9. Get quite excited about the versatile nature of Sticky Fixers and line the inside of part A with them also
  10. Unwind the string of LEDs and affix them to the inside of part A using the Sticky Fixers
  1. Scan in all the engagement cards you received, so as to make a collage for the inside of part B. My favourite program for this is Picasa (
  1. Print off collage and stick to the inside of part B.