Meet the bridesmaids!

Caz Harris

Alex’s sister. At the tender age of 24, she’s the youngest of all the bridesmaids. However there’s no doubting the blonde Harris will make her voice known as Chief Bridesmaid.

Caz Bowman

Mike’s sister. Caz has just got married herself, to Ali. Thus her counsel has been invaluable and we’ve stolen more than a few of her ideas. Thanks sis.

Beth O’Brien

Alex and Beth met at school, in the Sixth Form. Alex once complimented Beth on her outfit and a firm friendship was formed. As a producer, Beth will mostly be in charge of the hen party.

Lizzy Franks

Lizzy is Alex’s invaluable companion on all things summer camp related. She’s much better than Alex at keeping kids in line and also extremely good at keeping Alex sane. Mike, she’s one to go to for sage advice when there are little ones running round 😉

Jo Keddie

Captain Joanna Lara Caroline Keddie, to give her full title. Keddie is not to be messed with and managed to complete Sandhurst and two stints in Afghanistan, all whilst looking fabulous. She’ll mostly be in charge of Alex looking lovely.